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Protect yourself and your family with
24/7 Coaches, Judges and Trainers Insurance

In an industry first, protect yourself with our one stop Judges, Coaches, Trainers Package

Equestrian Sports Insurance across Australia

Our 24/7 Coaches, Judges, Trainers package offers the highest level of benefits to horse enthusiasts in Australia.

Protect yourself and your family with 24/7 horse coaches, judges, trainers and horse riders insurance in Australia. No matter your age, Equine Sports Insurance offers equine insurance which supports not only individuals, but equine associations and clubs who are passionate about horses, horse riding and horse training.

If you’re planning on taking part in an equestrian sports competition in Australia, are a trainer of horses or work with horses regularly, we advise you take up equine insurance. We offer a range of equine insurance options to suit varying needs:

Affordable Horse Rider Insurance

We know that horse riding and handling can be dangerous, especially for younger and less-experienced riders. We are proud to be the first and only, dedicated insurance provider in Australia to introduce Personal Accident Insurance that doesn’t penalise riders under the age of 18 on Capital Benefit Payments. Read more about our horse rider insurance.

Our Judges, Coaches and Trainers Insurance Package

In an industry-first, protect yourself with Equine Sports Insurance’s one-stop Judges, Coaches and Trainers Package. Our insurance package offers the highest level of benefits, tailored to protect horse enthusiasts in Australia.

Affordable and comprehensive, our equine insurance package covers equestrian judges, coaches and trainers – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Australia-wide. It encompasses:

  • Public Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Personal Accident
  • Corporate Travel and optional 365 Road Side Assistance cover

Read more about our Judges, Coaches and Trainers Insurance Package

24/7 Roadside Assistance across Australia

We also have affordable roadside assistance across all of Australia with a 24/7 call centre. Get the best rates of horse float recovery,  agistment, hire car replacement and even accommodation for up to 5 people.  . Read more about our Roadside Assistance Package.

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I chose ESI 24/7 Personal Accident Insurance for my son, Robbie, because I want him protected at all times when he is assisting me at shows and riding his little mare, Malibu. This cover does not have any penalty for Robbie being under 18. It covers him at all times and at better rates than other policies. ESI 24/7 Personal Accident Insurance is peace of mind cover for me and Robbie.

– Sarah and Robbie,

Members of the Standardbred Pleasure and Performance Horse Association of Victoria.

Buy our Judges, Coaches, Trainers package now for complete peace of mind, knowing you are protected anywhere, anytime.